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Darcy was detained in London in and set free in - the same year the rebellion started. The number of rebels outnumbered the inhabitants of Norwich, 16, to 12, This made her position quite weak; if a more powerful noble like Clinton had rebelled, she would most likely have been overthrown. custom of writing letters video I'm considering adding footnotes Which won't be included in the word count for background information and narrative, maybe even historiography - but I need to be mindful as anything in the footnote that adds argument they will penalise me for. However, the rebels lacked any form of organisation.

This document has been reviewed by one of our specialist student document reviewing squad. However, this rebellion carried great potential; with a larger force than could be easily mustered by the King, the rebels had the potential to do serious damage, and with a leader, they could have divided and conquered royal advances by attacking in different directions. applications essay help prompts for college The French didn't sink the Mary Rose it sunk before it's first battle in the port with it's gun ports open.

The rebellion was confined to the South of England, never coming within miles of London. This was also a personal diary and so is most likely truthful as it is written as a record rather than a propaganda document. i need a ghostwriter afraid of casper wy Since Parliament stood around 40m tall, this would have undoubtedly killed everyone inside. Investment banking and consultancy Replies:

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This shows that the King had confidence in his commanders. My question is "The Pilgrimage of Grace was the most threatening rebellion or plot to Tudor government in the years to All this rebellion accomplished was the destruction of a few Gaelic villages, and in fact in the long term it was counterproductive, causing the deaths of a great many Irish people due to famine. Geoffrey Elton was anti-Marxist; admiring Churchill and Thatcher. The gunpowder was discovered quickly not long before the reopening of Parliament, which was significant both because it had got so close, but also because it was actually discovered.

Is it worth applying to Oxford? Furthermore, considering that you are over the word count,is it really worth doing the other five rebellions as well. This made her position quite weak; if a more powerful noble like Clinton had rebelled, she would most likely have been overthrown.

The King would not even consider them; The demands of the rebels were perhaps too bold. A messenger could have done it in one day. Elton, showing his top-down approach.

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The rebellion started in Durham, miles from London. Advice on everyday issues Replies: Overall, there was certainly a large degree of threat here. creative writing help about warm ups Since it was a way from London though, the three days it took for a messenger to arrive made sure that the Queen was notified fairly quickly.

The main forces of this rebellion, controlled by Philip II, landed over miles away from London. However, the rebels lacked any form of organisation. best cv writing services in dubai bur If you are unsure, below are some examples of reading lists from popular A-Level topics as recommended by exam boards. Undergraduate Open Days Undergraduate. Is it worth applying to Oxford?

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York is miles away from London; a group of horses carrying one knight each would take around a week to reach London. If you feel like you have to do those, by all means do them. However, they came from different class backgrounds which makes this different from other rebellions. This fact dampens the threat, as if there was no reason to invade England, there would of course be no threat to government directly.

Norwich University of the Arts. Assessing the largest threat to Tudor Government of all these plots and rebellions relies on a number of factors, including proximity to London, the numbers involved, the level of planning and organisation, and the support of nobles and the gentry. Freshers homepage Freshers home page Chat forums University life forum Forums by university Forums by course Uni accommodation Fresher blogs. Tell us a little about yourself to get started.

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